EZE Turn Portable Valve Actuator

The EZE Turn Portable Valve Actuator can be used on any multi-turn valve independent of type or size. Specifically, valves that are large and require a tremendous amount of force to operate manually can now be operated rapidly, reliably and safely. The speed of operation can be selected without constraint of space or the limitation of how many workers can stand around to operate the handwheel.

The EZE Turn Portable Valve Actuator is pneumatic, so there is no concern of electrical shock or operating in explosive atmospheres.

Simply Install The Universal Drive Plate
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Place the Actuator On the Plate
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And You're Ready To Turn Your Valve
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Weight                27 lbs. 
Length                 45 in.           
Air Pressure          60 - 90 psi. 
Torque                 340 ft. lbs. 
Speed                  75 rpms.

EZE Turn Portable Valve Actuator & Accessories

EZE Turn Portable Valve Actuator 
Portable Filter and Regulator.
Portable Filter, Regulator, Lubricator  Standard Drive Plate  Drive Extension
Retention Adapter Hand Guards Torque
Retention Adapter Hand Guards  Torque Multiplier

Portable Tool Chest. EZE Turn PVA.
  Portable Tool Chest  EZE Turn Tool Cart

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